ACST-2 Recruitment

In this section you are able to compare the lastest recruitment information, such as:

Compare the monthly recruitment figures per centre and monitor your progress

View current year's and overall recruitment for each country and centre

Network with other active centres; find contact details and team members

Maximising recruitment at your centre...

ACST-2 is here to help you with recruitment of patients for the trial. When looking to maximise recruitment at any centre, there are usually 3 questions to ask:

Are all possible patients being screened for ACST-2?

Are all eligible patients being given the opportunity to take part the trial?

Are all suitable patients consenting to participate in the trial?

Please find below some useful documentation to help you enrol more patients at your centre:

Inclusion Criteria

Patient Pathway

Recruitment Tips

For any questions or support on patient recruitment, please contact (+44 1865 61 79 79)