Presentations 2020:

Virtual Collaborators Meeting Dec 2020

Virtual Collaborators Meeting Sept 2020

Virtual Collaborators Meeting May 2020

Presentations  2018:

67th ESCVS Congress, Strasbourg, France, Apr 2018: ACST-2 the largest trial in the world comparing CEA and CAS - what can we expect to learn?

40th South West Vascular Surgeon Meeting, Exeter, UK, Mar 2018: ACST II Trial update & Update from ESVS

LINC 2018, Leipzig, Germany, Jan 2018: ACST-2, over 2500 patients randomised; what do we know?

ESC Heart and Brain workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, Jan 2018: Carotid Stenosis - selecting the high risk patients for intervention

Presentations  2017:

FPM Health Policy for the Heart and Circulation Symposium, London, UK, Dec 2017: Carotid disease and stroke prevention

7th MAC, Munich, Germany, Dec 2017: A simple long-term stroke risk model for asymptomatic carotid stenosis – will it help us select patients for intervention in the future

UK Stroke Forum, Liverpool, UK, Nov 2017: Abstract presentation - A simple clinical score identifies stroke risk in medically treated asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis

Vascular Society Annual Meeting, Manchester, UK, Nov 2017: Oral Abstract Presentation- A simple clinical score identifies stroke risk in medically treated asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis

44th Annual VEITH  Symposium, New York, USA, Nov 2017: Update On The ACST 2 RCT Comparing CAS And CEA In Patients With Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: Will Improvements In CAS Invalidate The Results In The First 2500 Randomized Patients; A New Model For Evaluating Stroke And Other Risks In Patients With Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis

International Expert Meeting of CSVS, Zagreb, Croatia, Nov 2017: ACST-2

16th SICVE Congress, Bologna, Italy, Oct 2017, Chaired: SICVE-ESVS: Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis: the role of Best Medical Therapy

ESVS 31st Annual Meeting Lyon, France, Sept 2017: The ongoing asymptomatic debate - where do the guidelines get us and what trials/registries will help for the future?;      ACST2 Trial

ACST-2 Collaborators’ Meeting, Oxford, UK, Sept 2017: ACST-2 Update; Recruitment!

ESC 2017, Barcelona, Spain, Aug 2017: Stroke Prevention by carotid intervention: the current evidence; chaired a Moderated Poster Session: Advances in cardiovascular surgery

22nd Meeting of Heart Lung Association, Varna, Bulgaria, June 2016: Surgical treatment of carotic atherosclerosis 

C.A.P.V.T Mundi Vascular Meeting, Rome, Italy, May 2017: Ongoing and incoming RCTs on CEA and CAS an indisputable necessity. How they will improve our ability to choose the right indications

XV Sao Paulo Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Meeting, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2017: Evolving Interventions for arteriovenous malformations;     Trials in Carotid Surgery – medicine, surgery or stenting?;    Smoking and premature death in doctors – a family matter;     ACST-2

ESCVS, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2017: Should females with asymptomatic carotid artery disease be managed differently from male: What ACST trial teaches us?

ISNVD Taormina, Sicily, Italy, May 2017: Stent and cerebral protection in the ongoing ACST-2 Trial

ISNVD Taormina, Sicily, Italy, May 2017: Neurological events in ACST2 trial

ACST-2 German Meeting, Munich, Germany, April 2017: Overall Trial progress- >2400 randomised to date

Oxford and Gloucestershire Vascular Scientists Joint Meeting, Oxford, February 2017:  ACST-2.

LINC, Leipzig, Germany, January 2017: ACST-2 Update.

NDS Away Day, Oxford, UK, January 2017: The Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial-2: Stenting vs surgery for tight asymptomatic carotid stenosis. Changing stenting risks with newer techniques.

Presentations  2016:

MAC, Munich, Germany, December 2016: MCC 1 –  Individual patient data meta-analyses of the immediate vs deferred CEA trials with 6000 asymptomatic patients from VA, ACAS and ACST-1. 

UK/SF,   Liverpool. November 2016: Carotid Stenosis:  Safer trials, safer stenting, time to change your practice?

SICVE, Rome, Italy. October 2016: ACST-2 Progress and plans.

SICVE, Rome, Italy October 2016: IPD Meta-analysis of VA, CAS amd ACST-1 Trials. 5000 patients randomised to immediate CEA vs. Medical therapy alone.

SICVE, Rome, Italy October 2016: Womens symposium: Results of treatment of asymptomatic stenosis in women.

CEVF,  Warsaw, Poland October 2016: Stroke prevention and enartectomy.

ESVS, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2016: Individual patient data analysis of 5226 patients in the Asymptomatic carotid surgery trials – benefits and hazards of immediate surgery in patients taking contemporary medical therapies.

SIVEC, Siena/ Italy, September 2016: Is the game changing for Carotid Disease? When is carotid intervention required and what to do?

ESC, Rome/ Italy, August 2016: Medical Management or revascularisation?

iMEET, Nice/France, June 2016  Standard operating protocol in stroke management at my hospital - a multidisciplinary approach is mandatory

Rome CAPVT Mundi, Rome/Italy, May 2016; New insights from the ACST-2 Trial

65th ESCVS International Congress, Belgrade/Serbia, April 2016;  Collaboration in asymptomatic carotid trials – the important questions and how ACST-2, SPACE-2 and CREST-2 will provide the answers we need

The 4th ACST-2 Collaborators’ Meeting, Belgrade/Serbia, April 2016;  ACST-2 Update

ESC, Venice/Italy April 2016; Oral Session: Vascular Surgery and Neurosurgery (Chair and Presenter) Surgery and Best Medical Treatment

Essex Stroke Academic Day, Southend/UK, March 2016; ACST-2 Carotid Stenting vs Surgery - time to embrace the new technology?

SCVS (Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery), Las Vegas/USA, March 2016; The Pleasure of Uncertainty

ECST-2 Collaborators’ Meeting,  London/UK March 2016; ACST-2 Carotid Stenting vs Surgery Update

LINC, Leipzig/Germany, January 2016; Status Update ACST-2

ESC Taskforce on Stroke, Brussels/Belgium, January 2016; Update on carotid stenting and endarterectomy

CACVS, Paris/France, January 2016; ACST 2: 2.000 patients randomized. What are the lessons?