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NICE encourages clinicians either to enter patients into the ACST-2 trial or to submit data to the Endovascular Carotid Register, run by the British Society of Interventional Radiology and the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland.


Presentations 2017:


LINC, Leipzig, Germany, January 2017: (Speaker) ACST-2 Update.


NDS Away Day, Oxford, UK, January 2017: The Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial-2: Stenting vs surgery for tight asymptomatic carotid stenosis. Changing stenting risks with newer techniques.


Presentations 2016:


MAC, Munich, Germany, December 2016: MCC 4 – (Chair) Carotid Stenosis Trialists Collaboration (CSTC) session.


MAC, Munich, Germany, December 2016: MCC 1 – (Speaker) Individual patient data meta-analyses of the immediate vs deferred CEA trials with 6000 asymptomatic patients from VA, ACAS and ACST-1.


UK/SF, Liverpool. November 2016: Carotid Stenosis: Safer trials, safer stenting, time to change your practice?


SICVE, Rome, Italy. October 2016: ACST-2 Progress and plans.


SICVE, Rome, Italy October 2016: IPD Meta-analysis of VA, CAS amd ACST-1 Trials. 5000 patients randomised to immediate CEA vs. Medical therapy alone.


SICVE, Rome, Italy October 2016: Womens symposium: Results of treatment of asymptomatic stenosis in women.


CEVF, Warsaw, Poland October 2016: Stroke prevention and enartectomy.


ESVS, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2016: Individual patient data analysis of 5226 patients in the Asymptomatic carotid surgery trials – benefits and hazards of immediate surgery in patients taking contemporary medical therapies.


SIVEC, Siena/ Italy, September 2016: Is the game changing for Carotid Disease? When is carotid intervention required and what to do?


ESC, Rome/ Italy, August 2016: Medical Management or revascularisation?


iMEET, Nice/France, June 2016 Standard operating protocol in stroke management at my hospital - a multidisciplinary approach is mandatory


Rome CAPVT Mundi, Rome/Italy, May 2016; New insights from the ACST-2 Trial


65th ESCVS International Congress, Belgrade/Serbia, April 2016; Collaboration in asymptomatic carotid trials – the important questions and how ACST-2, SPACE-2 and CREST-2 will provide the answers we need


The 4th ACST-2 Collaborators’ Meeting, Belgrade/Serbia, April 2016; ACST-2 Update


ESC, Venice/Italy April 2016; Oral Session: Vascular Surgery and Neurosurgery (Chair and Presenter) Surgery and Best Medical Treatment


Essex Stroke Academic Day, Southend/UK, March 2016; ACST-2 Carotid Stenting vs Surgery - time to embrace the new technology?


SCVS (Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery), Las Vegas/USA, March 2016; The Pleasure of Uncertainty


ECST-2 Collaborators’ Meeting, London/UK March 2016; ACST-2 Carotid Stenting vs Surgery Update


LINC, Leipzig/Germany, January 2016; Status Update ACST-2


ESC Taskforce on Stroke, Brussels/Belgium, January 2016; Update on carotid stenting and endarterectomy


CACVS, Paris/France, January 2016; ACST 2: 2.000 patients randomized. What are the lessons?




Presentations 2015:


LIVE May 2015, Heraklion (Greece) Prize Session Presentation - ‘Antithrombotic therapy in carotid artery stenting and carotid endarterectomy within the Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial-2 (ACST-2).’ Authors: A. Huibers, G.J. de Borst, R. Bulbulia, A. Halliday on behalf of ACST-2 Collaborative Group.


ESVS September 2015, Porto (Portugal) Prize Session Presentation - ‘Definite plaque echolucency is associated with a higher risk of ipsilateral ischaemic stroke during early follow up in the Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial-1 (ACST-1).’ Authors: A. Huibers, G.J. de Borst, R. Bulbulia, A. Halliday on behalf of ACST-2 Collaborative Group.


ESVS September 2015, Porto (Portugal) Poster Session - 'Open-cell vs closed-cell stent design: Operators choice and echolucency in the Asymptomatic Carotid Surgery Trial-2 (ACST-2) trial.’ Authors: Valerio Tolva, Anne Huibers, Renato Casana, Richard Bulbulia and Alison Halliday, on behalf of the ACST-2 Collaborative Group.


The long-term (4 years) results of the ICSS (Bonati et al. 2014)



The struggle of Carotid stenting: Dr Marco Roffi discusses the recently published ICSS results.



After 5 years of recruiting, Istituto Auxologico Italian won the award of the "Overall Top Recruitment Centre" in ACST-2 :



Will ACST-2 change the game? Please click here to see Professor Carlo Setacci's comments on ACST-2 as published in the LINC Review 2014.


Please see below the latest article in CardiologyToday, which shows the importance of ACST-2:





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