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Day 1


Prof. Alison Halliday _ Welcome and ACST-2 Update

Dr Robert Vlachovský _ Czech Republic: Stenting vs Surgery - how does our system work and why is this trial helpful

Prof. Grzegorz Oszkinis _ CAS and CEA – What do we think should happen in Poland in the next decade?

Dr Nicola Tusini _ Our experience with both ACST trials – why Reggio Emilia is special

Dr Erasmo da Silva _ ACST-2 in South America; Brazil and my (our) experience here at the University of São Paulo

Prof. Gianluca Faggioli _ Impact of the aortic arch on stent performance

Dr Sonia Ronchey _ Starting out in ACST-2 in our centre in Rome

Prof. Thomas Mayer _ Carotid Stenting with optimized filter protection in a German centre

Prof. Isabelle van Herzeele _ New devices and techniques in Carotid Stenting – have we reached equivalence?

Dr Sumaira MacDonald _ Randomised trials of carotid interventions - Will the changing technology of membrane mesh stents shape the future?

Dr Vladimir Starodubtsev _ Carotid Stenting and Surgery in 2016 in Russia

Sir Prof. Richard Peto _ Alcohol in Russia


Day 2


Dr Peter Gillgren & Dr Claes Skiöldebrand _The Great Swedish Debate: How do we treat the asymptomatic patients that are not eligible for ACST-2 or turn down enrolment?

Dr Anders Gottsäter _ Best Medical Therapy

Dr Håkan Pärsson _ CEA

Dr Katarina Björses _ CAS

Dr Gunnar Plate _ Patients' Choice


Prof. Vesko Petrov _ Stenting and Surgery in Bulgaria

Prof. László Entz & Dr Bela Fulop_ Hungary - Debate on Stenting vs Surgery - What is the solution?


Prof. Athanasios Giannoukas _ Can carotid intervention prevent Dementia?

Dr Veronika Palmiste _ CEA and CAS in Estonia

Mr Richard Bulbulia_ Lessons from CREST-1

Dr Leo Bonati _ Update on MRI sub-study

Dr Peter Ringleb _ How we would like future intervention trials in Germany to change

Prof. Djordje Radak _ Improving Carotid Surgery decision making in Serbia during and after the ACST trials

Prof. Alison Halliday _ ACST-2 summary


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